A Culture of Caring

Issue 28 | November 2017

The dedicated employees and physicians at Baylor Scott & White Health give more than just their time and talents to support our mission and ministry of healing. Engaged staff also donate their personal finances.

There is an intrinsic desire within the hearts of Baylor Scott & White Health employees to help the patients and communities they serve. This desire transcends the workplace, and their commitment translates to significant financial impact. Each year, thousands of staff members come together to support priority programs and financial needs within the system. “Our family of employees is inspirational in the way it participates in our mission, through their jobs and through their generous hearts,” says Jana Sharpley, president of the Baylor Scott & White – Central Texas Foundation. Employee generosity is the ultimate testament to the excellent care, character, and professionalism of our organization.

Two recognition programs at Baylor Scott & White Health help inform and recognize these incredible workers and their personal gifts: 1) the annual Employee Giving Campaign for all employees; and 2) Caduceus Society membership for physicians and senior staff. Together, the programs have raised more than $18 million in philanthropic support. Although slightly different, both programs support the system and help ensure a steadfast margin of excellence even when national health care policies are uncertain and local budgets are tight. “This level of philanthropy from employees sets us apart from other health care systems and demonstrates the culture of caring at Baylor Scott & White Health,” says Alejandro Arroliga, MD, Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, chair of the Scott & White Clinic Board of Directors, and chief of staff for Scott & White Medical Center – Temple.

Employee Giving Campaign – The Power of Giving

Since its inception in 2014, the annual Employee Giving Campaign has raised more than $2.2 million and involved more than 3,500 participants. The growth is truly phenomenal, and each year employees exceed the benchmark goal. This year the program raised $823,000, which is more than double its first-year earnings of $400,000. According to Jordan Castillo, director of major and planned gifts at Baylor Scott & White – Central Texas Foundation, “Our employees have shown through their giving that they truly care about our mission, patients, and community. Their gifts are directly impacting the quality of care that we give and receive.”

The program is available to all Baylor Scott & White Health employees, and allows participants to donate any amount via a one-time cash or credit card payment, or recurring payroll pledge deductions. The campaign runs each spring.

Lori Luppino, director of philanthropy for Baylor Scott & White – Central Texas Foundation, says, “Employee giving touches every area of health care in every region of our system.” For example, in 2016 employee gifts built a handicap-accessible musical playground at Baylor Scott & White McLane Children’s Medical Center, purchased a new refrigeration system for the blood bank in Brenham, and installed a security system for the newborn nursery at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center – College Station. The Employee Giving Campaign allows employees to support programs or projects that are most important to them. “Employees love knowing that they have complete freedom and choice to designate their gifts to any existing foundation fund for the most impact,” says William Rayburn, MD, OB/ GYN, and chief medical officer for the College Station region.

Caduceus Society

Founded in 1999, the Caduceus Society is another vehicle for employee giving that has raised an astounding $16 million for vital system needs and funding priorities. Cumulative giving of $10,000 or more qualifies physicians, emeritus physicians, and senior administrative staff for membership in the Society. Leaders who participate share a continuing commitment to the ideals of our founders and a common interest in perpetuating the mission of Baylor Scott & White Health through their philanthropic support.

Along with other physicians and administrators, Andrejs Avots-Avotins, MD, PhD, gastroenterologist, vice president of medical affairs, provider engagement and community affairs, and the Elizabeth and Drayton McLane, Jr. Endowed Chair in Health and Wellness, was a founding member of the Caduceus Society. “I believe everyone recognized what a tremendous legacy Scott & White had for providing care that centered on teamwork. We felt privileged and wanted to give back. The Caduceus Society provides a way to show our gratitude,” says Dr. Avots-Avotins. For many physicians and senior staff, giving is a way to show thanks for the opportunities they received at Baylor Scott & White. For others, giving is a way to recognize the care they or a loved one received.

Today, there are more than 400 Caduceus Society members. The Society includes representatives from every Central Texas Region. Many young physicians and new executive staff are joining through multi-year payroll pledges, allowing them to enjoy immediate membership privileges.

Like all donors, Caduceus Society members may direct their gifts to any department or program they wish. Many members specifically support resident and fellow education, while others support capital projects or patient programs such as cancer support groups, special summer camps for pediatric patients, and pre-transplant classes for patients who are on the waiting list to receive donated organs.

Generous hearts giving as one

The Employee Giving Campaign and the Caduceus Society exemplify the dedication of Baylor Scott & White employees and physicians. “Philanthropy brings us together for a common goal, and illustrates how we support our institution above and beyond our everyday work,” says Mrs. Sharpley.

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