The late Dr. John Speckmiear (left) and his wife Debbie join Lisa and Larry Jaynes for the unveiling of the boardroom named in Dr. Speckmiear's honor at the donor event celebrating the opening of the Getterman Sports and Orthopedic Center in February 2020.

Gold Standard: Dr. John Speckmiear

A grateful patient honors his physician of more than two decades.

Dr. John Speckmiear

Over his forty-year career as a family medicine physician, the late Dr. John Speckmiear became known throughout the Waco area for his meticulous and compassionate care. Born in 1951 in San Antonio, Dr. Speckmiear graduated as valedictorian from high school before attending Trinity University in San Antonio on a full academic scholarship. He went on to attend Baylor College of Medicine, graduating in just 3 years, and completing residency at University of Texas Health Science Center. He began practicing medicine in the Waco area in 1979. He earned numerous awards throughout his career for providing an excellent patient experience.

Unfortunately, Dr. John Speckmiear passed away suddenly in late 2020 at the age of 68.

“He was one of the happiest, most caring people I have ever known,” says Mr. Larry Jaynes. “He was my primary care physician for more than 20 years, and the care and concern he had for his patients was just amazing. Although I didn’t really know him outside that setting, he certainly left an impression on me and many others.”

According to Mr. Jaynes, Dr. Speckmiear was known for his intellect, curiosity, and involvement in his patients’ care. “He was curious about anything related to medicine,” Mr. Jaynes says. “I have friends in medical subspecialties who told me how they always knew to expect a phone call from John when they were treating one of his referred patients, asking about the tests or treatments they recommended. He was just genuinely curious and passionate about his patients’ care.”

Mr. Jaynes tells a story about an accident that left him with a large wound in his hand. “I went to the ER, and the doctor saw on my record that John was my primary care physician. He said, ‘Well, I better get these stitches absolutely perfect if John is going to see my work,’” Mr. Jaynes says. “That was the strength of his reputation. All the physicians I know say that John was one of the best doctors they’d ever met.”

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"I think John epitomized the gold standard in physician care, and I wanted generations of physicians after him to see this honorarium and try to emulate this wonderful doctor."

Larry Jaynes

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Mr. Jaynes and his wife Lisa made a gift in Dr. Speckmiear’s honor to the Baylor Scott & White Ted & Sue Getterman Sports and Orthopedic Center, which opened in early 2020 on our Waco campus. “When you were with him, you knew that he truly enjoyed being a doctor and helping people,” Mr. Jaynes says. “I think John epitomized the gold standard in physician care, and I wanted generations of physicians after him to see this honorarium and try to emulate this wonderful doctor.”

“We were so blessed to be able to do this before he passed away,” Mr. Jaynes says. “I would strongly encourage anyone to seriously consider honoring a physician, or nurse, or any other provider who has cared for them in an extraordinary way.”

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