Founded in 1999, the Caduceus Society honors and recognizes the diversity of leaders at Baylor Scott & White Health who share a continuing commitment to the mission, ambition, values, and strategies of our organization through philanthropy. Baylor Scott & White physicians, emeritus physicians, advanced practice professionals, and senior administrative staff who have given or pledged $10,000 or more through the Baylor Scott & White Central Texas Foundation are eligible for membership. Collectively, more than 500 society members have given over $17 million to a variety of needs and transformational projects.

Benefits and Recognition

The primary benefit of membership in the Caduceus Society is the pride that comes from perpetuating the ideals and aspirations of our founders while personally contributing to the continued growth of Baylor Scott & White Health in Central Texas. Recognition includes:

  • Framed membership certificate and lapel pin
  • Recognition online and in the annual printed Caduceus program
  • Invitation to annual regional events and the Caduceus Society Dinner & Induction of New Clinic Fellows held each spring in Temple, Texas
  • Announcement and recognition as new giving levels are achieved through continuous giving

Giving Levels

Gifts are always donor-directed and may benefit a variety of areas such as medical/nursing education, research, patient care and outreach, capital projects, or other needs within a department or regional location.

  • Bronze ($10,000 - $24,999)
  • Silver ($25,000 - $49,999)
  • Gold ($50,000 - $99,999)
  • Platinum ($100,000+)

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Caduceus Society Members

* indicates deceased members

Platinum Level

Dr. & Mrs. Andrejs E. Avots-Avotins
Dr. Eldon O. Bradfield*
Dr. & Mrs. Luther M. Brewer*
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Brown
Dr.* & Mrs. Clifford J. Buckley
Dr. & Mrs. Phillip T. Cain
Dr. & Mrs. Glen R. Couchman
Dr. & Mrs. John B. Coulter, III
Dr. & Mrs. Monford D. Custer, III
Dr. & Mrs. J. Paul Dieckert
Dr. & Mrs. John P. Eberts
Dr. Charles H. Gillespie*
Dr. Alma & Mr. Bruce Golden
Dr. & Mrs. William P. Hamilton

Dr. & Mrs. Alfred B. Knight
Dr. & Mrs. Wallace E. Lowry, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Byron G. McKibben*
Drs. Patricia & Michael Moffitt
Dr. & Mrs. Robert D. Moreton*
Dr. & Mrs. John C. O'Leary*
Dr. Robert A. Probe & Dr. Barbara Weiss-Probe
Dr. & Mrs. Adolf Rahm, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. William L. Rayburn
Dr. & Mrs. Donald L. Risinger
Mr. & Mrs. Glenn A. Robinson
Dr. & Mrs. J. James Rohack
Dr. & Mrs. Carlos Verdonk
Dr. & Mrs. Raleigh R. White, III*

Gold Level

Dr. & Mrs. Steven R. Allen
Drs. Mercedes & Alejandro Arroliga
Dr. & Mrs. Wayne F. Baden*
Dr. & Mrs. Timothy Bittenbinder
Dr. & Mrs. Robert H. Brakemeier
Dr. & Mrs. Hanes H. Brindley, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Robert J. Carabasi
Dr. & Mrs. E. Darrell Crisp
Dr. & Mrs. Richard D. Cunningham
Dr. Walter Peter Dyck
Dr. & Mrs. Kerry Ford
Dr. & Mrs. Paxton H. Howard, Jr.
Dr.* & Mrs. Jesse D. Ibarra, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. David G. Jansma
Drs. Kalpana & Muralidhar Jatla
Dr.* & Mrs. Charles F. Kallina, III
Dr. Olen Eugene Kitchings, III

Dr. & Mrs. Dennis Lynch
Dr. & Mrs. Edwin B. Morrison
Mr. & Mrs. Shahin Motakef
Dr.* & Mrs. Robert E. Myers
Dr. Jeana D. O'Brien
Dr. Harry Papaconstantinou & Dr. Susan Pike
Mr. & Mrs. Richard W. Perkins
Dr. & Mrs. Robert W. Pryor
Dr. & Mrs. Fred F. Rader
Dr. & Mrs. Mark D. Rahm
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Reilly
Dr. & Mrs. James Robert Shepherd, III
Dr. & Mrs. Bobby Lewis Shull
Dr. Stephen J. B. Sibbitt & Dr. Sunita Varghees
Drs. Amanda & Bradley Trotter
Dr. & Mrs. Fred A. Walters
Dr. Jeffrey A. Waxman & Dr. Patricia J. Sulak

Silver Level

Dr. & Mrs. William M. Averitt
Drs. Vivian & Dudley Baker
Drs. Ysabella & Clint Barnett
Dr. & Mrs. Robert D. Bastron
Dr. & Mrs. Mark A. Beaird
Dr. Jolene D. Bean-Lijewski
Dr. & Mrs. Madhava R. Beeram
Dr. & Mrs. Erin Travis Bird
Dr. & Mrs. Henry Julius Boehm, III
Dr.* & Mrs. John D. Bonnet
Dr. & Mrs. John L. Boyd, III
Drs. Kindyle & Michael Brennan
Dr. & Mrs. James H. Brien
Dr. & Mrs. George W. Brindley
Dr. & Mrs. A. Kenna Brown, Jr.*
Dr. & Mrs. Charles V. Capen
Judge & Mrs. James L. Carroll
Dr. & Mrs. Don B. Cauthen
Mrs. Penny & Mr. Mark Cermak
Dr. & Mrs. Christopher D. Chaput
Drs. Cheryl A &. Glen Cipriani
Mr. & Mrs. Jamie H. Clements*
Dr.* & Mrs. Donald R. Cooney
Mr. & Mrs. Brad D. Crye
Mrs. Patricia & Mr. Don S. Currie
Dr. & Mrs. Don J. Daniels
Dr. R. Doug Davis & Ms. Denise Evers
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas W. Davis, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Donald J. DiPette
Dr. & Mrs. Carl A. Dunn
Dr. & Mrs. Jon Ellis
Dr. James W. Ferguson
Dr. & Mrs. Douglas S. Fornfeist
Dr. & Mrs. Russell E. Fothergill
Dr. Charles J. Foulks & Dr. Patricia C. Stewart-Foulks
Dr. & Mrs. William G. Frick
Dr.* & Mrs. Richard K. Gaines
Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey C. Gerik
Dr.* & Mrs. Paul F. Gilliland
Dr. Ashley Kallina Gist & Mr. Stephen Gist
Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Grimwood
Dr. & Mrs. David L. Hackethorn
Dr. & Mrs. Glenn M. Haluska
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Neil Haney
Mrs. Ellen D. & Mr. Steven S. Hansen
Ms. Rebecca Hardie
Dr. & Mrs. David R. Hardy
Drs. Katherine & David Haynes
Dr. & Mrs. Ronald H. Hayward*
Dr. & Mrs. Christopher B. Hearne
Dr. & Mrs. David A. Hendrickson
Mr. & Mrs. Brian T. Hervey
Dr. & Mrs. Kirby D. Hitt
Dr. & Mrs. Bruce A. Hoekstra
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald W. Holder, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Floyd E. Jernigan

Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth A. Johnson
Drs. Linda & Daniel Keyser
Drs. Geraldine & Bruce Koehler
Dr. Wilma I. Larsen & Mr. Christopher A. Schirner
Dr. & Mrs. John C. Leadbeater
Dr. Richard P. Lenehan & Dr. Sandra A. McMahan
Dr. & Mrs. Derek K. Lichota
Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Mason
Dr. & Mrs. Russell L. McClellan
Dr. & Mrs. Charles H. McLeskey
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas K. Meyer
Dr.* & Mrs. John L. Montgomery
Dr. & Mrs. Mark L. Montgomery
Dr. & Mrs. C. David Morehead
Dr. & Mrs. Jim Morrison
Dr. & Mrs. L. Gill Naul
Drs. Trichelle & Joseph Newman
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen A. Norris
Dr. & Mrs. Gyman C. Okeson
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas P. O'Shea
Dr. & Mrs. Francisco Perez-Guerra
Mr.* Jerry R. Pickle & Mrs. Helen Pickle Normand
Dr. & Mrs. William R. Pitts
Dr. & Mrs. Corey W. Pollard
Dr.* & Mrs. Delma P. Posey
Drs. Patricia & Stephen Raley
Dr. Arundhati Rao
Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Reeve
Dr.* & Mrs. Charles G. Reiter
Dr. & Mrs. David O. Risinger
Dr. Charles R. Roberson
Dr. John W. Roberts, Sr.
Dr. William H. Roush & Dr.* Maria Bassel-Roush
Dr. & Mrs. Michel H. Saint-Cyr
Drs. Dianne W. & Clay Sawyer
Dr. & Mrs. Michael R. Schlabach
Dr. & Mrs. Richard B. Schultz
Dr. Dawn M. & Mr. William Sears
Dr. & Mrs. Mark S. Sicilio
Mr. & Mrs. John Simms
Dr. & Mrs. Troy D. Simon
Dr. Melissa Slovak-Turner & Mr. Michael Tucker
Dr. & Mrs. Randall W. Smith
Dr. & Mrs. Harold L. Sonnier
Dr. Betty-Ann E. Svendsen & Mr. Steven DiMarco
Dr. & Mrs. Edwin E. Terry
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen E. Trotter
Dr. & Mrs. Charles N. Verheyden
Drs. Erica & Russell Ward
Dr. & Mrs. Linley E. Watson
Dr. & Mrs. Michael R. Weir
Dr. & Mrs. Raleigh R. White, IV
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas B. White
Dr. & Mrs. Don P. Wilson

Bronze Level

Dr. & Mrs. Louis W. Adams
Dr. & Mrs. James H. Albers
Dr. & Mrs. Bryce C. Allen
Dr. & Mrs. Richard W. Allinson
Mr. & Mrs. Raul Amado
Mr. Francis Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. Jared D. Anderson
Dr. Margaret & Mr. Robert Appleton
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Attas, III
Dr. & Mrs. Bruce B. Baker
Mr. & Mrs. James Baker
Mrs. Patricia & Mr. Terry Balz
Dr. Rahny Bang
Ms. Laurie E. Benton
Dr. Bradley R. Berg & Mr. Chad Bender
Dr. Paul A. Berg & Mrs. Amy Friggle
Dr. Nancy M. Bertsch
Dr. & Mrs. Russell K. Biles
Ms. Nancy L. Birdwell
Dr.* & Mrs. John K. Blevins
Dr. & Mrs. Carl D. Boethel
Dr. & Mrs. William T. Bohannon
Dr. & Mrs. Bruce C. Bollinger
Dr. James A. Bourgeois & Dr. Kathleen M. Ayers
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest L. Bovio
Dr. & Mrs. John R. Bowling
Dr. & Mrs. Dirk L. Boysen
Ms. Shonna Bracco
Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Brace
Dr. & Mrs. George W. Brasher
Dr.* & Mrs. Glen O. Brindley
Dr. & Mrs. G. V. Brindley, Jr.*
Dr. & Mrs. Charles W. Broders*
Dr. Gerald Bryant
Drs. Robyn & Francis Buckley, III
Mr. & Mrs. Michael W. Bukosky
Dr. & Mrs. Robert E. Burke
Dr. & Mrs. Jay D. Burke, Jr.
Dr. Robert G. Burlingame
Dr. & Mrs. Chris J. Burnett
Dr. & Mrs. David F. Butler
Dr. & Mrs. Timothy M. Byrd
Dr. & Mrs. Christian Cable
Drs. Angel and Zuraima Caldera
Dr. & Mrs. Juan Caraveo
Dr. John E. Carlson
Drs. Wilma & William Carpentier
Mr. & Mrs. John W. Chaddick
Dr. & Mrs. Phillip L. Chaney
Dr. & Mrs. Franklin Chang
Dr. & Mrs. Nicholas Christoff
Dr. & Mrs. Clyde M. Chumbley
Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey W. Clark
Mrs. Linda S. & Mr. Charles B. Clark
Dr. & Mrs. Scott D. Cochran
Dr. & Mrs. K. Scott Coffield
Mrs. Cassandra L. & Mr. Tim Connerty
Dr. & Mrs. Edward A. Cooney
Dr. & Mrs. Kenneth H. Cooper
Dr. & Mrs. Goddy T. Corpuz
Mr. & Mrs. Glen W. Cosper
Dr. & Mrs. Matthew B. Crisp
Dr. & Mrs. Anthony K. Cryar
Dr. Kim S. * & Mrs. Cathy Culp
Mr. & Mrs. John Cunningham
Drs. Carol A. & James F. Daniel
Dr. & Mrs. Floyd L. Dauenhauer, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Bert A. DeBord, Jr.*
Dr. & Mrs. Gregory J. Dehmer
Mr. & Mrs. Dick L. Dixon
Dr. Michael K. Do
Dr. Sheila M. & Mr. Louis Dobin
Dr. & Mrs. Bradley T. Dollar
Mrs. Annilyn & Mr. Joseph Donnell
Dr. and Mrs. Nathan S. Drever
Dr. & Mrs. John C. Dugall
Mrs. Cynthia & Mr. Joe Dunlap
Dr. & Mrs. Richard J. Dusold
Dr. & Mrs. John F. Eckford, II
Mr. & Mrs. Allan F. Einboden
Dr.* & Mrs. William R. Engvall
Dr. & Mrs. Richard A. Erickson
Dr. & Mrs. John P. Erwin, III
Dr. and Mrs. Calvin G. Eshbaugh
Dr. & Mrs. Robert C. Fader
Dr. & Mrs. Alan C. Farrow-Gillespie
Mrs. Susan & Mr. David Fergus
Dr. Martin P. Fernandez
Dr. & Mrs.* Norman R. Fluet
Dr.* & Mrs. Alan B. FollenderDr. Dayne M. & Mr. Guy Foster
Dr. & Mrs. Delbert R. Foster
Mr. Jay Fox
Dr. & Mrs. R. C. Frazee
Dr. & Mrs. Paul A. Friedman
Dr. & Mrs. Samuel F. Fulcher
Dr. & Mrs. Louis A. Gamino
Dr. & Mrs. D. Scott Gantt
Dr. Leslie Gembol & Mr. Peter Gembol
Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Gendron
Dr. & Mrs. Paul D. Gerdes
Dr. & Mrs. Jeff R. Gibson, Jr.
Dr. Bradley & Mrs. Kaley Gilliam
Dr. & Mrs. Gregg R. Goebel
Dr.* & Mrs. W. Preston Goforth
Ms. Candice L. Gourley
Dr. Barbara Gracious & Mr. Mark Clemons
Dr. & Mrs. Guy H. Grayson
Dr. & Mrs. Heyward L. Green
Dr. & Mrs. Jacob B. Green, III
Dr. & Mrs. Robert D. Greenberg
Dr. John F. Greene, Jr.
Drs. Pamela S. & Thomas P. Greene
Dr. Kelly H. Grillo
Dr. Peter C. Grothaus
Dr. Mystan Gurkin
Drs. Hope & Henry Hacker
Dr.* & Mrs. Henry B. Hahn, Jr.
Dr.* & Mrs. Bhrigu R. Hajra
Drs. Sharon & Jeffrey Hall
Drs. Beatriz M. & Regan D. Hall
Mr. & Mrs. Marc R. Hallee
Drs. Elizabeth & J. Mansel Harris
Dr. & Mrs. Robert W. Hathorn
Dr. & Mrs. David F. Havemann
Drs. Jennifer & Jeffrey Helmcamp
Dr. & Mrs. John C. Hendricks
Mr. & Mrs. Langdon Hengst
Dr. John Hernandez & Dr. Staci Hix-Hernandez
Dr. & Mrs. Paul B. Hicks
Dr. Paul S. Hill*
Dr. Terrance S. Hines & Mr. Jarrett Urban
Mr. & Mrs. Steven E. Hoeft
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Hofkamp
Dr. & Mrs. Lewis M. Hoppock*
Mr. Joe C. Horton
Dr. & Mrs. Philip D. Houck
Dr. & Mrs. Jason H. Huang
Dr. & Mrs. Kevin P. Huddleston
Drs. Amanda & Elliott Hudson
Mrs. Judith L. Hyer-Paysse & Mr. John Paysse
Mrs. Delliquadria Ingram-Walker & Mr. Greg Walker
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Ingrum
Drs. Claire and Travis Isbell
Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey A. Jackson
Mr. & Mrs. Jason D. Jennings
Dr. & Mrs. Richard H. Jesse, IV
Drs. Katherine & Andrew Jew
Drs. Sameer and Raagsudha Jhavar
Dr. & Mrs. Edgar J. Jimenez
Dr. & Mrs. Richard O. Jones
Dr. Shirley Fong Jones & Mr. Matthew Jones
Dr. Kathleen A. Jones & Mr. Jay LaRue
Dr. & Mrs. Charles M. Jordan

Dr. & Mrs. Charles F. Kallina, IV
Dr. Ravindranath A. Kallur
Dr. & Mrs. John F. Kasel
Dr. Kathy A. & Mr. Charlie Kimmey
Dr. & Mrs. Richard C. Klugo
Dr. & Mrs. Kermit B. Knudsen*
Dr. & Mrs. Subbareddy Konda
Dr. & Mrs. William Koss
Dr. & Mrs. David R. Krauss
Dr. Thomas J. Kuehl
Dr. & Mrs. Robert F. Kuhnhein
Dr. & Mrs.* Daniel J. Ladd
Dr. & Mrs. Bryan L. Lane
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis L. Laraway
Dr. & Mrs. Melvin K. Lau
Dr. & Mrs. Richard Lawlis
Dr. & Mrs. F. Lurry Leavelle
Dr. & Mrs. Walter S. Lesley
Dr. & Mrs. Rodney Light
Dr. & Mrs. Felix L. Lin
Dr. & Mrs. David L. Lindzey
Dr. & Mrs. Danny C. Little
Dr. & Mrs. Dominic J. Lucia
Dr. Anne G. Lueck & Mr. Alan Lueck
Mrs. Peggy & Mr. Edward Luna
Dr. Cessley Denise Marsellus
Dr. & Mrs. Douglas W. Martin
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Martin, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Keller Matthews, III
Dr. & Mrs.* Jon L. May
Dr. & Mrs. Timothy D. Maynard
Dr. & Mrs. Randolph F. McCollough
Drs. Sarah and Timothy McCormick
Dr. & Mrs. Douglas K. McDonald
Dr. & Mrs. John F. McKenney, Jr.*
Dr. & Mrs. Nick P. McKernan
Drs. Tresa and Michael McNeal
Dr. & Mrs. Max K. Mendenhall*
Dr. Arlene K. & Mr. Christopher Meyer
Dr. Tricia Meyer & Mr. Leroy Meyer
Dr. & Mrs. Jeffrey B. Michel
Dr. Michael L. Middleton & Dr. Darla G. Lowe
Dr. & Mrs. John K. Midturi
Dr. & Mrs. Michael J. Miller
Dr. Darlene M. Miltenberg & Mr. Mark Padon
Dr. and Mrs. Johnathan Mock
Dr. Debra L. Monticciolo & Dr. Bruce Griffing
Dr. & Mrs. Richard S. Moon
Dr. & Mrs. Gary H. Morton
Dr. & Mrs. Scott M. Munroe
Dr. & Mrs. John David Myers
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Naser
Dr. & Mrs. Paul A. Neese
Drs. Susan P. & Allan P. Nickel
Dr. & Mrs. Bobby B. Niemann
Dr. & Mrs. Patrick T. Noonan
Dr. Diana D. Nye
Dr. Lee Ogburn-Russell & Mr. Kerry Russell
Dr. & Mrs. Paul E. Ogden
Dr. & Mrs. Paul Oliver
Dr. & Mrs. Charles E. Oltorf
Dr. Karen M. Patterson
Dr. Lena Perger
Dr. & Mrs. William G. Petersen
Dr. & Mrs. William H. Pieratt, III
Dr. Laurel Pilkington & Mr. Mike Pilkington
Drs. Veronica & Robert Piziak
Dr. Jose F. Pliego
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Posey
Dr. William F. Price
Dr. Whitney S. Prince & Mr. Justin Sorrels
Dr. Jules B. Puschett
Mr. & Mrs. Denis A. Radefeld, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Daniel G. Ransom
Dr. and Mrs. Donald Rawls
Dr. & Mrs. Justin L. Regner
Dr. & Mrs. Michael D. Reis
Dr. & Mrs.* George J. Resendes
Dr. & Mrs. Lester E. Robertson
Dr.* & Mrs. Juan J. Rodrigo
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Rogers
Mr. & Mrs. Matt Rohrer
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Rosiles
Dr. & Mrs. Michael G. Rossman
Dr. & Mrs. Mark S. Rowe
Dr. Juan Sanchez and Dr. Paula Duran
Dr. & Mrs.* Santiago A. Sanchez
Dr. & Mrs. Charles W. Sanders
Dr. & Mrs. James B. Schnitker
Mrs. Anna & Mr. Blair Schlatter
Dr. and Mrs. James B. Schnitker
Dr. & Mrs. Earl J. Schoolar, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. John A. Schuchmann
Dr. & Mrs. Richard E. Scott, Jr.
Mr. Stuart Donald Sequin
Mrs. Jana L. & Mr. Van Sharpley
Dr. & Mrs. Aman Sibal
Dr. & Mrs. James T. Sing, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Kipp Slicker
Dr. and Mrs. Kyle Smith
Dr. Roger A. Smith
Dr. & Mrs. Steven L. Smith
Dr. & Mrs. W. Roy Smythe
Mr. & Mrs. Scott Snell
Dr. & Mrs. Samuel K. Snyder
Dr.* & Mrs. V. O. Speights, Jr.
Dr. & Mrs. Daniel L. Stahl
Dr. & Mrs. Christopher Grant Staples
Dr. & Mrs.* John C. Starr
Dr. & Mrs. Curtis C. Stauffer
Dr. & Mrs. A. Dean Steele
Dr. & Mrs. Christopher G. Stephens
Dr. & Mrs. James A. Sterling
Dr. & Mrs. Charles H. Stern
Dr. Alan B. Stevens & Mr. Louis B. Seube
Dr. & Mrs. James C. Stinson*
Dr. & Mrs. Andrew Stoebner
Dr. & Mrs. John M. Stoebner
Dr. Candida D. & Mr. Scott Suffridge
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen F. Sullivan
Dr. & Mrs. Richard E. Symmonds, Jr.
Dr.* & Mrs. Claude B. Tate, Jr.
Dr. J. Scott Thomas & Dr. Belinda Kohl-Thomas
Dr. & Mrs. Timothy D. Truitt
Dr. & Mrs. Roger D. Tuggle
Dr. Flora P. Varghese & Mr. Mammen Sam
Dr. & Mrs. Frank J. Villamaria
Dr. Janice Walker
Dr.* & Mrs. Ronald E. Walsh
Dr. & Mrs. Michael R. Warner
Dr. & Mrs. Robin W. Watson
Dr. Denise Waugh-Kosoris & Mr. Barry Kosoris
Dr. & Mrs. Robert A. Weber
Dr. and Mrs. James Weinblatt
Dr.* & Mrs. Charles C. Welch
Dr. & Mrs. David R. Weldon
Dr. & Mrs. Donald E. Wesson
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Westwick
Dr. & Mrs. Darrell S. Wheeler
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph G. White
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Whitman
Dr. Lori L. Wick
Dr. & Mrs. Troy H. Williams
Dr. & Mrs. Glen R. Willie
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Wincek
Dr. & Mrs. Robert M. Wiprud
Dr. Linda Wolf & Mr. Curtis Wolf
Dr. Lucas Wong & Dr. Lisa Go
Dr. & Mrs. Coy A. Wright
Mr. Matthew G. Wright, J.D.
Dr. & Mrs. Paul A. Wright
Dr. & Mrs. Paul M. Yandell