Five more reasons to vote for McLane Children's

LukeRay of sunshine in the NICU
Ryleigh's story | NICU

Ryleigh Harvey is a perfectly healthy, active little girl. In fact, any evidence that Ryleigh ever spent the first 88 days of her life in the NICU is all but gone. Read more

Precious time
Bella's story | Emergency Department & ECMO

Bella loves being her mother's little helper. In November 2012, equipped with her own Bella-sized skimmer and brush, the two-year-old set out to clearn her family's backyard herself. Read more.

Feeling normal
Nasir & Sheldton's story | Hematology & Child Life

For these two active brothers, hemophilia can be difficult to live with. But McLane Children's and the Child Life summer camps allow the boys to be around other children like them. Read more.

Stroke can't slow her down
D'Anne's story | Hematology & Physical Therapy

When D'Anne suffered a stroke that temporarily caused her to lose mobility on her left side, a blood transfusion and physical therapy helped her get back to dancing. Read more.

Staying out of the hospital
Shenanndoah's story | Gastroenterology

Shenanndoah and her stomach don't always get along. But her team of care givers at Mclane Children's works hard to keep her out of the hospital and her symptoms under control. Read more.

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