Five kids who are counting on YOUR vote

LukeAn unusual request
Luke's story | Greater Austin region

There are very few experiences more heartrending for a parent than helplessly watching their child suffer. When things looked darkest for Luke Edmunds, Nicole Cloutier was ready to give her son anything he wanted to help ease his pain, even if it meant letting him go. But Luke's selfless request... Read more

Thirty-nine surgeries...and counting
Aydin's story | Waco region

Despite its name, cat eye syndrome affects more than just Aydin's eyes. To date, Aydin has undergone 39 surgeries to correct issues associated with cat eye syndrome, the first at three days old. Read more.

Running for life
Elizabeth's story | College Station region

Elizabeth has a new trophy handing on the wall in her bedroom among her track medals, except it isn't gold, silver, or bronze. Rather, it's a plastic breathing tube that serves as a testament to the strength and endurance that helped her survive. Read more.

Giving back to her favorite hospital
Lexie's story | Central region

Lexie Martin was never expected to leave the NICU, much less walk. Lexie was born with VACTERL association, a group of birth defects effecting the vertebrae and limbs, as well as multiple organs such as the heart, digestive tract, and kidneys. Read more.

Injured abroad
Dillon's story | Central region

Parents often feel helpless when their child is in pain. But imagine your child being more than 3,000 miles away in a foreign country with a badly broken leg. Read more.

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