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Our goal for 2024

Cardiopulmonary Bypass MachineIn 2024, net proceeds from our Boots & Bandanas event will benefit the purchase of a Pediatric Cardiopulmonary Bypass machine for the pediatric cardiovascular surgery program currently under development at McLane Children's. The machine temporarily takes over the heart's function during procedures that require the heart to be stopped, like heart transplants and other open-heart surgeries. It collects the patient's blood, removes carbon dioxide, adds oxygen, and pumps the blood back into the body.

McLane Children's has a robust cardiology program, diagnosing and treating pediatric heart conditions caused by disease, genetic condition or virus. However, children requiring heart surgery or heart transplant must be referred outside our system, commonly to larger cities like Houston or Dallas. On top of the anxiety of facing a serious heart condition, these patients and their families often spend months in the hospital for treatment, incurring the additional expenses and stress that come with being a long way from home. With your help, McLane Children's is developing a pediatric cardiovascular surgery program to help ease this burden and provide the care these children need right here in Central Texas. 

Join us to be part of launching this vital service for the children of Central Texas.




Your impact


Blood irradiator

Digital Blood Irradiator

In 2013, the Visionaries raised $75,000 to fully fund a digital blood irradiator, which eliminates impurities (i.e., bacteria) in the blood used for transfusions.

Dialysis machines

Two Peritoneal and Hemodialysis Machines

In 2015, the Visionaries helped launch the dialysis program at McLane Children's with the purchase of two Periotoneal and Hemodialysis Machines. These machines filter a patient's blood when the kidneys are damaged, dysfunctional, or missing.

VECTA Machine

VECTA Machine

In 2015, the Boots & Bandanas event also raised funds to purchase a VECTA Machine, which provides patients with a distraction during procedures or treatments.


"Little Brother" Transport Amblance

"Little Brother" Transport Ambulance

In 2017, the Visionaries contributed $200,000 toward the purchase of a custom-made transport ambulance to transfer critically ill or injured children from other area hospitals to McLane Children's for a higher level of care.

C-Arm Imaging Device

C-Arm Imaging Device

In 2019, the Visionaries contributed $257,000 toward the purchase of a C-Arm Imaging Device, which uses x-ray technology to produce high-resolution images of the body in real-time during surgery. This machine is used in general surgery, orthpedic, trauma, and vascular specialties.