Nursing Excellence

Exceptional care doesn't come about by chance. No matter the challenge, nurses continue to provide excellent, compassionate care to all our patients. They are the backbone of the exceptional patient experience Baylor Scott & White is known for, and are truly the front line for humanity's health. 

Investing in nursing, experts agree, is critical to the future of healthcare. To continue to develop strong nurses and nursing leaders, Baylor Scott & White offers programs including:


Each year, scholarships are awarded to college students and current employees who are pursuing nursing degrees.

Nursing Facts:

79% of Baylor Scott & White nurses have earned a Bachelors of Science in Nursing or higher degree.

Nursing Residency Program

This accredited practice transition program provides new professionals with the knowledge, skills, and support to confidently fulfill their expanding rols in the ever-evolving healthcare industry. The program provides extra education and mentorship to help new hires through the challenges of their first year of nursing practice. 

Advanced Certification Support

Patients benefit from nurses with advanced or specialty certifications who have a higher level of expertise, are skilled in patient education, and are better equipped to recognize unexpected symptoms and develop a plan of care. Advanced certifications also enhance patient satisfaction, reassuring patients and families that the nurses caring for them have demonstrated experience and knowledge that exceeds requirements of entry-level licensure examinations.

Nursing Facts:

More than 33% of Baylor Scott & White nurses have earned certifications in their respective specialties.

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